1. Where Your Shadow Always Has Company
    Miniature Suns

  2. Beggar’s Buffet
    Electric Water

  3. Don't Be Fooled
    C.W. Martin

  4. Grief Police
    Fever Hands

  5. Flying Saucers / Soup DJ
    Fever Hands

  6. High...Falutin
    C.W. Martin

  7. Tuesday Nights
    Gov Club

  8. Volume Three
    Charlie Shuck

  9. Receiver
    Bad Mouth Burning

  10. Day To Day
    Smile 4

  11. An Onion Tied To My Belt
    The Plurals

  12. The New New Colossus
    Rue Snider

  13. Launch Pad 19
    The United Tylers Of Tyler

  14. Get Loose/Get Busy

  15. Booze Cruise
    Electric Water

  16. The Arse
    Hey Mandible

  17. Picture Something / Magistrate (March Madness Single #14)

  18. Termighty / Stride For Stride (March Madness Single #13)
    Bad Mouth Burning

  19. Landmark Motor Hotel / Drop Me Like A Bad Habit (March Madness Single #12)
    Kevin Lee Newberry

  20. Black Lemon Heads / Rasputin (March Madness Single #11)
    Animal CIty / Mother Superior

  21. Lets Not Pretend / You Are On My Mind (March Madness Single #10)
    Dylan Tietze / Nelson Locke

  22. Marigold / Wonderful Way (March Madness Single #9)
    The Plurals

  23. One Foot / All That Is Owed (March Madness Single #8)

  24. Probably / The Middle Of The Day/God's Spit (March Madness Single #7)
    Andrew Felts

  25. Beach Party / Gremlin (March Madness Single #6)

  26. It's All Right / All For Naught (demo) (March Madness Single #5)

  27. Brand New Shiny / Baby Turn To Dust Bluse (n-o-t-h-i-n-g) (March Madness Single #4)
    Baby Ghost

  28. Calliope Zayakas / Reapergotem (March Madness Single #3)
    Moon Cheese Babies

  29. Sordid / Still (March Madness Single #2)
    Lake Disney

  30. Something Like That / Long Play (March Madness Single #1)
    Sleepy Tree

  31. Noise Destroys
    Mother Superior

  32. Sorry, Pat
    Gov Club


  34. The Shipping Forecast EP
    Hand Sand Hands

  35. Hot On The Heels Of Brilliance

  36. Lake Disney
    Lake Disney

  37. The Red Desert Strangler
    C.W. Martin

  38. Electric Torso

  39. Post-Junk Vol. 1

  40. Sirhan Surehand
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  41. The Dirty Future EP

  42. Sadness Is Fun
    Andrew Felts

  43. It's The Dues That Get Ya
    Cory Martin

  44. Some New Music
    Cory Martin

  45. Brain Time Now
    Blast and The Detergents

  46. Electric Bull
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  47. Early Reiser

  48. Beatniks Out To Make It Rich
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  49. How To Be Followed Alone

  50. Look Up, Look Down

  51. The Electric Whiskers Split
    Poisonous Ghost / Adorable Kittens

  52. Chicken Brothel
    Single White Herpe

  53. Puddled
    The 2416

  54. Flashbacks from the Future
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  55. Pete Rose
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  56. Dead Body
    I Hope You're A Doctor

  57. I'm Back In Britain
    I Hope You're a Doctor

  58. 260 MPH
    Poisonous Ghost

  59. Phatty Reiser

  60. The Dis-Heartend EP
    Beach Party!

  61. Discount Hi-Fi
    Honey Chamber

  62. The Dark Presser
    Kevin Lee Newberry

  63. Boltcutter
    The 2416

  64. Baby, It's America EP
    The 2416

  65. The Salad Days / Drink 'em 'til They're Gone
    Uncle Bro

  66. Vol. 3: The REAL Better Jacksonville Plan

  67. Killer Lake
    Bright Orange

  68. RAWR!...

  69. Are Free
    The Druggs

  70. Sloppy Love Songs and Satan
    Moon Cheese Babies

  71. Bloody Mary Chanted
    Kevin Lee Newberry

  72. Bridge To Homesick
    Honey Chamber

  73. I Have Done Things
    Lelyn R. Masters

  74. The Great Indoors
    The 2416

  75. Vol. 1: The REAL Better Jacksonville Plan


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